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countm_util.h File Reference

Include file specific to countm utility. More...

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 When COUNTM_MYSQL, this determines the number of links (rows) returned per SELECT statment (via LIMIT). 0 means SELECT all (no LIMIT). Larger number means larger packets, fewer connects. Smaller number means smaller packets, more connects. Pretty sure this number should be a my_ulonglong. Implemented as a my_ulonglong, and printed as a "%llu".
#define CM_SUCCESS   0
#define CM_NO_LINK   1
#define CM_DB   2
#define CM_PARAM_INVALID   3
#define CM_PARAM_DUP   4
#define CM_NO_HOST   5
#define CM_FILE   6
#define CM_SYNTAX   7
#define CM_LINK   8
#define CM_MEMORY   9
#define CM_OVERFLOW   10


typedef enum cm_param cm_param_e
typedef enum cm_param * p_cm_param_e
typedef options_record options_record_t
typedef options_recordp_options_record_t


enum  cm_param {
  cm_param_dba = 0, cm_param_start = cm_param_dba, cm_param_dbc, cm_param_l,
  cm_param_h, cm_param_x, cm_param_f, cm_param_list,
  cm_param_insert, cm_param_delete, cm_param_v, cm_param_help,


static int countm_open_databases ()
static int countm_close_databases ()
static int countm_masterlock_get ()
static int countm_masterlock_put ()
static int countm_version_verify ()
static int countm_dbcounter_list (int bX, int bAccess)
static int countm_dbcounter_list_link (char *p_link, int bX, int bAccess)
static int countm_dbaccess_list_X ()
static int countm_dbaccess_list_noX ()
static int countm_dbaccess_list_link (char *p_link, int bX)
static int countm_dbcounter_delete_link (char *p_link, int bAccess)
static int countm_dbaccess_delete_link (char *p_link)
static int countm_dbaccess_delete_host (char *p_link, char *p_host)
static int countm_dbaccess_delete_host_all (const char *p_host)
static int countm_dbcounter_insert (char *p_link, p_dbcounter_data_t p_dbcd)
static int countm_dbaccess_insert (char *p_link, char *p_host)
static void countm_print_dbcounter_data (p_dbcounter_data_t p_dbcd)
static void countm_print_enum_resettype (enum resettype rt, char **r_str)
static int countm_enum_resettype (const char *buf, enum resettype *p_rt)
static int countm_read_info_isaccess (char *buf)
static int countm_read_info_iscounter (char *buf)
 Tests buf to determine if it is a DB_COUNTER: label.
static int countm_read_info_counteritem (char *buf, p_dbcounter_data_t p_dbcd)
static int countm_match_extension (const char *fname, const char *pattern)
static int countm_verify_bgfile (char *fn, enum imagetype *img)
static void countm_print_help (char *pc)
static int countm_read_info_readline (FILE *fp, char *p_line, int i_len)
static char * countm_read_info_islink (char *buf)
static int countm_read_info (char *fn)
static int countm_parse_option (p_options_record_t p_or, char *p_param)
static int countm_set_atime (p_dbcounter_data_t p_dbcd)


static const char *const sza_version = "TEST"
options_record_t orec
static const char cmdline_options [cm_param_total][16]
const char cmdline_descriptions [cm_param_total][63]

Detailed Description

Include file specific to countm utility.

Byron Young
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report to

Define Documentation

#define CM_SUCCESS   0

countm return codes

Function Documentation

static int countm_open_databases  )  [static]


static int countm_read_info_iscounter char *  buf  )  [static]

Tests buf to determine if it is a DB_COUNTER: label.

countm_read_info_iscounter(char * buf)
buf The line of the file to check.
0=NO, 1=YES

Variable Documentation

const char cmdline_descriptions[cm_param_total][63]

Initial value:

  "Apply operation to DB_ACCESS.",
  "Apply operation to DB_COUNTER.",
  "The link name.",
  "The host name.",
  "Print headers and extended output.",
  "Input file name for INSERT command.",
  "Command: LIST",
  "Command: INSERT",
  "Command: DELETE",
  "Print version information and exit.",
  "Print help and exit.",


const char cmdline_options[cm_param_total][16] [static]

Initial value:

  "L", "I", "D", "-V", "-?",


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