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mod_countm Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
countentThe structure that stores all the info for the request. The structure that stores all the info parsed from the command line, and used to display the image. Per request data
countm_cmdsDefines the directives used in the configuration file
countm_configPer-server-configuration information The per-server-configuration information for the server serving the request. May be modified in per-server-merge
countm_dir_configPer-directory-configuration information Each process/child gets a copy of this after forking (if supported). CountmAllowFontsQuery CountmAllowReset CountmDBPriority
countm_listdirs_dataData passed (recursive) to listdirs function
dbcounter_dataThe DB_COUNTER data associated with a link
dbcounter_recordThe actual structure physically stored in DB_COUNTER This is NOT portable. The values that may be set as default during the initialization of counter. When the struct is stored into the database: The variable length font name is stored after atime if bit 4 of status is set. The variable length bgfile name is stored after atime, and font (if any), if bit 5 of status is set
rgbWeb color identifier
value_statusDefines bitfields for status

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