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countm.h File Reference

Include file for mod_countm and countm utility. More...

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 The internal name of the counter database. key is the linkname. data is struct db_count_record. no duplicate keys are allowed.
 The internal name of the access database. key is linkname. data is zero terminated ascii hostname, or if hostname not known, ip address string. Duplicate keys are allowed.
 Compare environments and filenames case. 0 = case is significant. 1 = ignore case.
 The default font point size.
 the length of the atime field in struct db_count_record This includes the trailing NULL. When stored into MySQL Database, will be one less.
 The string version of the directory separator. OS dependent.
 The character version of the directory separator. OS dependent.
#define COUNTM_BDB_ENV_LOCK   "env.lock"
 The name of the BDB environment lock file created in DB_HOME. This lock file is created at startup, and removed at shutdown. The value inside is the number of additional process that are using the envoronment.
 The number of subexpression in COUNTM_EXTENSIONS_* REs. Really the pmatch value. Only change if COUNTM_EXTENSIONS_* are altered.
 The sub expression to use as the base filename. Only change if COUNTM_EXTENSIONS_* are altered.
#define COUNTM_EXTENSIONS_TTF   "^(.+)(\\.ttf|\\.pfa|\\.pfb|\\.dfont)$"
 A PCRE of valid TTF file extensions. This is dependent on the version of GD using. Default is "?correct?" for 2.0.21.
#define COUNTM_EXTENSIONS_JPEG   "^(.+)(\\.jpeg|\\.jpg)$"
 A PCRE of valid JPEG file extensions.
#define COUNTM_EXTENSIONS_PNG   "^(.+)(\\.png)$"
 A PCRE of valid PNG file extensions.
 The countm utility master lock object.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_LINK   "link"
 The link paramter string. Also used as MySQL DB_COUNTER table primary key and MySQL DB_ACCESS composite primary key.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_FONT   "font"
 The font paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_IGNORE   "ignore"
 The ignore paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_WIDTH   "width"
 The width paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_POINT   "point"
 The point paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_BGCOLOR   "bgcolor"
 The bgcolor paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_BGFILE_TYPE   "bgfile_type"
 The bgfile_type paramter string. Only used for Mysql DB_COUNTER table.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_TEXT   "text"
 The text paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_IMAGE   "image"
 The image paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_CNT   "cnt"
 The count paramter string. Only used for Mysql DB_COUNTER table.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_RANDOM   "random"
 The random paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_INSERT   "insert"
 The random paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_COUNT   "count"
 The count paramter string.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_ATIME   "atime"
 The last access time. Only used for Mysql DB_COUNTER table.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_HOST   "host"
 The host parameter string. Only used for Mysql composite primary key DB_ACCESS table.
#define COUNTM_PARAMETER_CNT   "cnt"
 The count paramter string. Only used for Mysql DB_COUNTER table.
 The size, in bytes, of a MySQL query buffer. If CM_OVERFLOW errors happen, increase this to a larger number.
#define COUNTM_STR_NOTDEF   "notdef"
 A "not defined" entry in the text file.
 The maximum number of characters/digits to return in image. Must be set to 9 or less.


typedef value_status status_t
typedef value_statusp_status_t
typedef unsigned long cntval_t
 The type for the counter value.
typedef rgb rgb_t
typedef rgbp_rgb_t
typedef dbcounter_record dbcounter_record_t
typedef dbcounter_recordp_dbcounter_record_t
typedef dbcounter_data dbcounter_data_t
typedef dbcounter_datap_dbcounter_data_t


enum  imagetype { img_notdef = -1, img_jpeg = 0, img_png = 1 }
 The image type enumeration. More...
enum  randomtype { random_notdef = -1, random_true = 0, random_false = 1 }
 The random type enumeration. More...
enum  resettype {
  reset_notdef, reset_value, reset_delete, reset_init,
 The reset type enumeration. More...
enum  counttype {
  count_notdef, count_inc, count_dec, count_norm_inc,
  count_norm_dec, count_inc_nopub, count_dec_nopub
 The mode type enumeration. More...
enum  countm_state { countm_state_notdef = -1, countm_state_off = 0, countm_state_on = 1 }
 The state of FLAG directive or other object. More...


static void countm_print_enum_imagetype (enum imagetype it, char **r_str)
static void countm_print_enum_randomtype (enum randomtype rt, char **r_str)
static void countm_print_enum_counttype (enum counttype ct, char **r_str)
static void countm_print_struct_rgb (p_rgb_t p_rgb, char *buf)
static int countm_enum_counttype (const char *buf, enum counttype *p_ct)
static int countm_enum_imagetype (const char *buf, enum imagetype *p_it)
static int countm_enum_randomtype (const char *buf, enum randomtype *p_rt)
static void countm_rgb_color (const char *hexnum, p_rgb_t rgb)


const char *const version
 The release version.

Detailed Description

Include file for mod_countm and countm utility.

Byron Young
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Enumeration Type Documentation

enum countm_state

The state of FLAG directive or other object.

Enumeration values:
countm_state_notdef  State was not defined, use default.
countm_state_off  State is OFF.
countm_state_on  State is ON.

enum counttype

The mode type enumeration.

Enumeration values:
count_notdef  mode type not defined
count_inc  count type specified as increment
count_dec  count type specified as decrement
count_norm_inc  count type sepecifed as normal increment
count_norm_dec  count type specified as normal decrement
count_inc_nopub  count type specified as increment, but not RFC1918
count_dec_nopub  count type specified as decrement, but not RFC1918

enum imagetype

The image type enumeration.

Enumeration values:
img_notdef  image type not defined
img_jpeg  image type specified as jpeg
img_png  image type specified as png

enum randomtype

The random type enumeration.

Enumeration values:
random_notdef  random type not defined
random_true  return a random value, remote host is not inserted into DB_ACCESS
random_false  not a random value specifically indicated

enum resettype

The reset type enumeration.

Enumeration values:
reset_notdef  reset type not defined
reset_value  reset type defined as a value
reset_delete  reset type specified as delete
reset_init  reset type specified as init
reset_access  reset type specified as access

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